How Can The Bucks Be This Bad?

Let me start this by saying yesterday I wrote “I don’t see Marcus Morris scoring 21 again and I sure as heck don’t see Terry Rozier scoring 23.” Well, guess what?…Marcus Morris scored 18 and Rozier scored 23. So, I was wrong (again) and the Bucks got killed. So far, I don’t seem to be to good at this “writing sports blogs and making picks and predictions to sound like I know what I’m talking about” thing. I’ve made some predictions on what the Bucks need to do to win and they do exactly the opposite. Regardless, I’m going to try this again. Let’s start with Terry Rozier making Eric Bledsoe his whipping boy.

Bench Bledose For Brogdon
Terry Rozier has scored 46 points in 2 games and has had 0 turnovers in 78 minutes. Eric Bledsoe has scored 21. Bledsoe CANNOT GUARD ROZIER! Rozier is owning Bledsoe. And when asked last night about Rozier, Bledsoe responded with “Who?” Are you serious man?! Nut up and own the fact that you can’t guard this guy and his is outplaying you in every aspect of the game. Watching Eric Bledsoe’s effort on the defensive end is laughable. He gets blown by and doesn’t even attempt to recover. I’ve seen enough of him. If Prunty was smart (which he’s not) he sits Bledsoe down and says “alright here’s the deal, you get 8 minutes to show me you’re worthy of being on the floor in Game 3, or you’re sitting.” He is an absolute liability at this point on the floor. Brogdon didn’t play particularly well last night, but at least he can guard somebody. I’m really not impressed with this guy, and very disappointed in him even though the Bucks speak highly of him.

Prunty Needs To Go Back To Selling Beer
Is Brad Stevens really THAT GOOD, or is Joe Prunty really THAT BAD? BOTH! Brad Stevens is amazing. He’s got this Celtic team playing without Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Marcus Smart and beating what seems to be the overall better team on paper, in the Bucks by double digits. Imagine what this series would be like if the Celtics were at full strength? My god…. This offseason is shaping out to be one of the biggest offseasons for the Bucks that I can remember in my lifetime. The Bucks are, without question, moving on from Joe Prunty. This guy is awful. He went from playing just 9 guys on Sunday, to 13 last night. Guys like STERLING BROWN AND SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD SAW THE FLOOR! Are you serious?! Hey Prunty, THIS IS A PLAYOFF SERIES! NOT A G-LEAGUE GAME! Prunty was desperate to try and get something going, but instead of doing it with the core guys he did it with these flamers. I tell you what, in a time where Prunty could’ve been, for lack of a better term, “auditioning” for a head coaching job for a team in need like the Knicks or the Suns, and he’s out here in a playoff series embarassing himself. This guy really might go back to selling beer because he won’t even have a job as an assistant. I’ve never seen a coach mishandle and misuse players and rotations like he’s done in these last 2 games. This Bucks team has too many good, young players to be playing like they have and it’s all Prunty’s fault.

What’s Next For Jabari and This Bucks Roster?
I hate to say this Bucks fans, but we are witnessing the last games of Jabari Parker in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform. The #2 overall pick in 2014 has been an absolute disappointment to this Bucks team. I tried giving the kid the benefit of the doubt after dealing with injuries. But he has been abysmal in these playoffs. The guy can’t even see the floor. And when he does, he’s an absolute liability on the defensive end of the court. And not just Jabari is gone, but if I’m Jon Horst I totally revamp this Bucks roster outside of the obvious untouchables in Giannis, Middleton, and Brogdon. I wouldn’t mind seeing John Henson and Tony Snell stick around, but everyone else? Thon Maker, Dellavedova, Bledsoe, DJ Wilson…everyone…BYE! Start fresh! You have one of the best players in the NBA…build around him! Get rid of all these yahoos and build a roster from scratch. That starts with hiring a good, young coach like Brad Stevens who is willing to put in a system built around Giannis and defense. The Bucks have a lot of work to this summer if they want to ever contend for an NBA championship, let alone keep Giannis in Milwaukee.

Outlook For The Rest Of This Series
Bucks fans, this series is over. Let be said, let it be written. Can they get one in Milwaukee? Maybe. But don’t count on it. Honestly, just let it be a sweep. I can’t watch this any longer. Joe Prunty coaching is sickening, and these Bucks players are so lost and confused, I think the Bulls would beat them in a 7-game series at this point. I’m ready for the offseason with the Bucks. New arena coming, new head coach, hopefully a fresh roster…Things COULD be good in Milwaukee for years to come, but this season is dead and gone.

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