LeBron Should Join WWE

When I was a kid, I loved to watch what at the time was called “All Star Wrestling”, then WWF, now WWE.  Anyway, there would always be a match that would go something like this, the announcer yells… “IN THIS CORNER, RANDY ‘MACHO MAN’ SAVAGE’–crowd goes crazy–, then whispers ‘and in this corner, Bill Martin from Atlanta’- no one makes a sound-.

Then the match would start and Bill would have the heavily favored wrestler close to being pinned once or twice, the crowd gets restless and everyone is thinking, whats wrong with Macho Man? Then he comes around, breaks a chair over Bills back, drops and elbow, jumps from the top rope and crushes Bill. Match over.

LeBron is like that. He flourishes when people doubt him, criticize him. He needs drama to succeed. If it wasn’t for all the old guys like me talking about Michael Jordan being the best ever, LeBron wouldn’t be as driven.  He’s like that WWE player that needs to have his back to the wall and hear the groans of his fans before he turns it on.

Jordan simply came out and wanted to humiliate everyone in his path. It worked for him. LeBron seems to wait and feed on others thinking he is failing, that works for him. My generation and my sons generation can talk and debate it forever, but Michael Jordan was a great basketball player and competitor, LeBron is a great basketball player and an awesome athlete. You can’t compare them, it’s like comparing Kennedy to Lincoln. Different times, different problems, different personalities.

But, I would still love to see LeBron and Brock Lesnar, (or even Ronda Rousey) get into the WWE ring. I promise you LeBron would seem done, he would not give his all. Then, just when it looks like his right arm might fall off, he smashes the chair on Brock or Ronda, drops the elbow off the top rope, and match over. Indiana, its about to be match over.



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