Why Don’t I Watch the Western Conference Finals?

I remember as I was tracing the paths of the teams to the NBA Championship, I told Jake, “that Houston – Golden State series is the one that will decide the NBA Championship”. I was so excited, what a great series. But then I found myself watching re-runs of Bar Rescue and not watching it. So why?

  1.  Its East Coast bias. I live in the Mid-West, I’m not very young, I don’t stay up to watch Golden State during the regular season. i read all the stuff, I know they are fantastic, but I just don’t watch them.
  2. Superstars vs. Superteams – I like to cheer for the underdog and I like to watch a guy do something historic. In the Boston-Cleveland series, I can see both happening at the same time. I love college football because I can cheer for an underdog or cheer for a remarkable individual. I never watch Ohio State vs. Alabama (two superteams)
  3. I am a coach and I like to watch coaches in action: I think you could pull two guys off the street in Houston and the result of this series would not change.
  4. The NCAA tournament has ruined best of 7 series: During March madness, anything can happen. Teams that have an on night can beat a better team with an off night and it is end of story. Not so good team advances, good team goes home. In the NBA, the not so good team is eventually going to be beaten in 7. That’s why the NFL and NCAA rule. They are all one, bad game and you are done.
  5. James Harden – He drives, flops, steps back, stares down and seldom plays good D. Being one of his teammates as he plays Iso basketball is like being the only kid at Christmas with no present. Not interested.

Yes, I know the winner of this series is the champ. But I don’t know if I can watch that either.


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