What If School Shooters Were Black

The past year we have seen the second amendment protected time and again. “That’s the price of freedom” is the typical response to a school shooting.


This past year we have also seen the first amendment attacked time and time again. “Fake news” and other claims. Now the NFL has basically stated it will not tolerate protests during the National Anthem.  The right to protest and speak out against our government was the very essential freedom in the first amendment that this country was founded on. It is what made us a unique democracy when it was written.


So what would happen if all the school shootings had been committed by black men.  Would the old white men of the NRA still stand firm on the protection of second amendment? Would there be more public outrage?  We have lost more teenage school children to gun violence than people in the military this year. I can’t help but think we could do more.  But, why aren’t we doing more?

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