24 Reasons Black Panther and Lion King Are The Same Movie

**If you have not watched this movie yet and plan to, don’t read this article**

Ryan Coogler, the Director and Writer of Marvel’s latest movie “Black Panther,” thinks he’s slick by launching this sweet new superhero movie…well guess what buddy, I’m here to call your bluff! You completely copied the storyline of Disney’s Lion King, my favorite childhood movie.

I wasn’t even 30 minutes into the movie, and when the “old king,” T’Chaka, dies and his son takes his throne, the first thing that came to my mind was “MUFASA AND SIMBA!” (I may or may not have shed a tear….long live the king..) Anyway, I’m going to give you 24 reasons why the movies Black Panther and Lion King are the EXACT SAME! Let’s start with charachter comparisons first.


Black Panther (T’Challa) is Simba
Black Panther_Simba

This one is obvious, I think. In Lion King, Simba is the predecessor to the throne when Mufasa dies. Well, spoiler aler, Mufasa dies and Simba takes the throne. T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, starts the movie as the current “King” and Black Panther. He ends up being slain and T’Challa is initiated in as King and the Black Panther. Later in the movie, just like what happens to Simba, T’Challa disappears and everyone think he’s dead…well, he’s not. As he is MIA, his cousin N’Jadaka takes the throne and turns Wakanda (Pride Rock) to shit. T’Challa comes back alive and challenges N’Jadaka, just like Simba came back and challenged Scar. Whom both won back their respective homes in Wakanda and Pride Rock.

N’Jadaka is Scar
This one, again, pretty obvious for any Lion King lovers and a little repetitive from the comparison with Simba and Black Panther. Scar was always the whipping boy and the odd man out, or “outsider” who was always jealous of his brother Mufasa. N’Jadaka’s father was the brother of T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka. T’Chaka killed his brother early in the movie for betraying Wakanda and some sort of tradtion. Long story short, N’Jadaka holds a massive grudge as is out to kill T’Challa and overtake the Wakanda throne just like Scar had a grudge for Mufasa and was out to take over Pride Rock.

T’Chaka is Mufasa
T’Chaka starts the movie as the Black Panther and the King of Wakanda. Just like in the Lion King, Mufasa starts as the King of Pride Rock. Both end up dying and their sons take over their thrones. Both also play big roles in the movies as both Black Panther and Simba refer to them (as angels or kings of the past) for guidance throughout.

Romonda is Sarabi
Romonda, the widow of former king T’Chaka and the mother of T’Challa, is the exact same character as Sarabi, the widow of Mufasa and mother of Simba. Both Sarabi and Romonda played quiet roles in the movies but everyone knows not to mess with the Mom. Mom’s are mean mother fuc****. (pun intended)

Zuri is Rafiki
Rafiki_ Zuri
In both movies, Rafiki and Zuri are weird and spiritual and do all sorts of weird JuJu to help heal, guide, etc.

Shuri is Nala
Obviously, Shuri and Nala, both the lovers of Simba and Black Panther. Not sure what else to say here other than that. Only difference is Shuri does more fighting than Nala did in Lion King, but that doesn’t matter.

The 24 Reasons They Are The Same

1. Movies both named after a jungle cat
Do I need to explain? Panther? Lion? …moving on

2. Brother Kills Brother
Scar kills Mufasa, T’Chaka kills N’Jobu

3. Both Take Place In Africa
Wakanda is Pride Rock

4. The Kingdom Gathers on Sacred Ground (Waterfall in Black Panther, and Pride Rock in Lion King)
That waterfall where they battle each other in Black Panther? Yeah, that’s basically Pride Rock

5. Elderly Wise Man Provides Sacred Juice
Rafiki in Lion King pops open some sort of coconut and spreads it on Simba’s forehead. Zuri in Black Panther pours the purple shit into T’Challa’s mouth. Same thing.

6. Two Faced Supporters
Scar in Lion King at first seems to be loyal and support Mufasa when really he’s planning to overthrow and kill him. W’Kabi in Black Panther is T’Challa’s brother and is doing the same. Loyal but is sketchy…the Sketchy Panther.

7. Everything the Light Touches is the Kingdom
If you notice in Black Panther, Wakanda seems to either be dark or completely lit. Just like Pride Rock.

8. Battle Within The Families
Scar eventually goes at Mufasa, and N’Jakada fights T’Challa.

9. Main Character Falls Off a Cliff
After N’Jakada fights T’Challa, he kicks him off the waterfall. Scar drops Mufasa off the cliff. (worst scene in ALL of Disney movies…)

10. Speech Divides the Kingdom
Scar gives his speech as new king while some of the Kingdom stays loyal, some jump ship and leave. Just like when N’Jakada does in Black Panther.

11. Rogue King Burns Kingdom to the Ground
N’Jakada comes in as new king and burns the gardens of vibranium. Scar comes in and burns Pride Rock.

12. New Abusive Leadership
Both bad kings are just plain assholes.

13. Both Kings Blame Themselves For Father’s Death
Simba and T’Challa beat themselves up and blame themselves for Mufasa and T’Chaka’s deaths.

14. Both Kings are In Love
Simba loves Nala, T’Challa loves Shuri.

15. Spiritual Charachter
As mentioned in my character comparison, Rafiki and Zuri are both that spiritual guy who guides the young kings.

16. Spiritual Meetings With Dead Fathers
Because of Zuri and Rafiki, Simba and T’Challa often visit their dead fathers via some sort of spiritual reflection.

17. The King Returns Home
After the Kindoms think Simba and T’Challa are dead, they arrive back home with a vengeance.

18. Challenges Current King
They both come home and challege the bad king.

19. Outnumbered In Battle
Just like Scar had his army of hyena’s, N’Jadaka had his army of rogue kingdom members.

20. Female Warriors Join Fight
As this battle is taking place, the female warriors hop in! i.e – Nala and Sarabi, Romonda and Shuri.

21. Characters are Identical and Play Identical Roles
Reference above.

22. Villian Doesn’t Surrender, Good King and Bad King Battle for Throne
Scar and N’Jadaka fight back and refuse to surrender the throne.

23. Evil King Loses, Good King Wins
Obviously, both Scar and N’Jadaka lose, and Simba and the Black Panther regain the throne.

24. No Blood on Good King’s Hands (Paws)
Both Simba and the Black Panther don’t physically kill the bad kings, they kill themselves.

Black Panther_Simba 2

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