The 2018 Schedule Breakdown For Year One of the AAF

The AAF has set its schedule and its overall purpose. They will play a 10 team schedule with two divisions. They will abide by current NFL rules by not signing players early, so they will not allow players to leave college for the new league. But, they will not have kick-offs and try to get the game done in about two and a half hours.

They will not try to compete directly with the NFL like the Donald Trump “small potatoes” move of the USFL.  They will be happy to be the developmental league with no NFL Europe and no XFL 2 yet to compete with.

Most of the weekends will feature two Saturday and two Sunday games. The league is divided up into the west, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Antonio and Arizona. They will play each of those teams in a home and away. They will play everyone in the east once. The east consists of Atlanta, Orlando, Birmingham and Memphis. It will be a 10 game schedule, the top four teams will make the playoffs.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 6.53.35 PM.png

Scheduling notes:

  • Salt Lake City will play only two Sunday games with their last game being at San Antonio for the only Friday night game.


  • Birmingham and Arizona will play seven of their 10 contests on Sunday.


  • Salt Lake City and Arizona square off both times in the first three weeks.


  • San Diego and Arizona don’t meet until week 7 then meet again the last week.


  • Orlando starts out with a tough stretch, at Atlanta, hosting San Antonio and then at Birmingham.


  • Birmingham has four of the last five games at home


  • San Antonio has a three game/three week road trip weeks 7-9. They go to Salt Lake, to Arizona to Memphis.

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