AAF Team Preview: Memphis Express – Memphis Opens the Express Lane, 10 QBs or Less

Should I stay or should I throw now. That must have been what the Memphis Express were thinking when they took seven QBs in the inaugural AAF draft, including what arguably might be one of the better QBs in the AAF in Zach Mettenberger from LSU. (Click the link below for his preview.)



While the Express loaded up on talent from LSU, they also made Mike Singletary, legendary linebacker for the Chicago Bears and one time coach for the San Francisco 49ers, their first head coach. Singletary was 18-22 during his time with the 49ers, but is most remembered for a famous halftime meltdown where he was literally caught with his pants down.

The Express not only loaded up at QB, they also have a TE who played QB in college. Luke Papilion from the University of Sioux Falls threw for over 12,000 yards in college and was a four year starting QB. But, when the NFL draft came around, he got camp tryouts from the Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos as a tight end.

Luke Papilion – University of Sioux Falls


The Express are also blessed to have a member of royalty on their team. Center Oni Omoile who played his college ball at Iowa State, is a prince from Nigeria. His father is the leader of the Oki Village in Nigeria making him a prince and his sisters princesses. He was signed as a free agent after the 2016 draft and spent time on the practice squads of Jacksonville and Pittsburgh.

Another guy I want to watch is Gabe Kuhn from the University of Memphis. The 6’4” 299 pound lineman started 38 games for a Memphis team that broke all offensive records when he was there. I think he will be a force up front for the Express.

Gabe Kuhn – Memphis


The Express will play their home games at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis. While other teams may be scrambling to find out who might be the franchise QB of the future. It looks like the Express made sure they wouldn’t get caught with their pants down.

Check out the Express here! ⬇️


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