My Life Savings – Stuff I’d Bet My Life Savings On

Life Savings: $6.77

Been a tough year. Too much golf and a daughter’s wedding.

For our podcast listeners out there, we always had a part of the show where I would let you know my life savings and I would place a bet. Here are a couple things I would bet my life savings on this week and a couple of updates to the party crashers.

I would bet my life savings that a B1G school will not make the playoffs. Ohio State’s convincing loss to a Purdue team that lost to Eastern Michigan (GO EMU!!) cannot be forgiven. Michigan lost to Notre Dame so even if Notre Dame loses one game and Michigan runs the table, you take one loss Michigan over one loss Notre Dame??


I would bet my life savings that no team in the NFL with a record of .500 or less right now will make the playoffs unless you live in the AFC South.

jags gif

I would bet my life savings that LeBron James will explain it takes time, the Lakers will suck for an extended time but they will win a first round playoff series.


I will bet my life savings that I will not watch a game of the World Series.


Updates on my college football teams that could crash the party:

FBS – Iowa and Kentucky had wins although Kentucky’s close win over Vanderbilt is not making me confident they could beat Alabama.

FCS – Eastern Washington had a bye and Sam Houston State suffered a 41-23 loss.

D2 – UM-Duluth and Kutztown each had solid, convincing wins. UMD’s schedule is very favorable the rest of the season.

goose wsu.jpg

D3 – Frostburg State had a big win and Berry needed overtime to get a win and keep the dream alive.


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