Coaches on Camping Chairs

We always talk about coaches on the “hot seat”, those that need to win or they will be fired so they can’t get too comfortable in their chair. Then you have some coaches that are on the ultimate recliner. You know, it kicks back, has the vibrating back and the heat, you can sleep comfortably in it. You can’t be removed from that unless there is some sort of disaster. Think Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. Then you have the group with comfortable office chairs but they are on wheels. They are fine, but if you really want to move it is easier because of the wheels. I see Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State there now, he is probably welcome to stay but if he found something he thought might have a higher ceiling, he might move. (more on this group later)

Now, let’s talk about the coaches on the camping chairs. They set up their office without a lot of permanent stuff just in case of the hot seat, but also to move if they can. The coaches I am focusing on are pretty comfortable, the administration might even try to keep upgrading their camping chair, but in the end, they can fold it up, pack it away and move on. These are the coaches on the camping chairs:

Should I order a nice office chair on wheels?

Dino Babers – Syracuse. He has put together a 45-32 record at Eastern Illinois, Bowling Green and now in his third season at Syracuse he has some big time wins, including beating Clemson in 2017. Syracuse does play in a power 5 conference, but is it considered a destination job if an SEC team came calling?


There are no boxes in the office yet.

Luke Fickell – Cincinnati. He spent one mostly forgettable year as the head coach at Ohio State the year Jim Tressel stepped down due to controversy and before they hired Urban Meyer.  After a 4-8 inaugural season at Cincinnati in 2017, the Bearcats have made big strides this year, sitting at 6-1. He has Ohio State bloodlines, so he could make a move soon.


I might just leave the chair here and take the elevator.

Matt Campbell – Iowa State. This is his third year at Iowa State and they have been historically good for the Cyclones. Wins over Oklahoma and TCU last year put the program on the map in the Big 12. They have beat nationally ranked Oklahoma State and West Virginia this season. He was named head coach at Toledo at the age of 32 and had a very successful run in Toledo for five years. Campbell is very well respected in the football coaching circle and instead of looking for greener pastures in the NCAA, could leave for a DC or OC job in the NFL.


Buffalo is not ideal for camping.

Lance Leipold – Buffalo. They are currently leading the MAC at 7-1. Their only loss it to Army. Leipold won four national champions at UW-Whitewater and the jump from D3 to the MAC seemed like a big jump at the time but it has worked well. Leipold, now in his fourth season may be looking for a warmer place to put his chair down. Probably somewhere in a Power 5 conference.


U-Haul pops up on his Google search history

Neal Brown – Troy – The last two years Troy has beaten LSU and Nebraska on the road. SInce 2016 Troy has more wins that all but eight teams in college football. They have two bowl victories and are sitting at 5-2 this season. He is young and seen as a great football mind. I think Brown’s name will pop up in any big time openings after the season ends.


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