Denny’s in Salt Lake City better be ready for that 4:30 PM Dinner Rush

As I have been doing team previews and looking at coaches and players, one thing sticks out. The coaches are big names but they are also very “experienced” all over the AAF.  The AARP cards are going to be flying out of the wallets as the coaches hit the restaurants and hotels.

The Salt Lake City Stallions, my adopted team, is not going to be listening to a lot of Post Malone during breaks in the coaches meeting. They are too old to listen to Pearl Jam. Just roll out the Beatles and make sure you understand the Gone With the Wind references.

Here is a look at a majority of the coaching staff:


Dennis Erickson

71 years old, 36 years of coaching experience


Donnie Henderson

26 years of experience


Tim Lappano

40 years of coaching experience


Dan Cozzetto

40 years of experience


Denny Creehan

43 years of experience

Ronnie Lee

27 years of experience

ronnie lee.jpg

Michael Gray

27 years of playing and coaching experience

I like the fact that they have veteran coaches. Name recognition with Coach Erickson will get a few fans to follow. Hopefully the mix of experience, knowledge and a few younger guys for energy will make these young Stallions run wild when this spring rolls around.  But if it gets too wild, make sure there is someone trained on the defibrillator around for the coaches.

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