Bop’s Buyers and Sellers at the NFL Trade Deadline

The NFL trade deadline was yesterday and there were a bunch of moves. Some that will help teams now, and some that will help teams later. Let’s take a look at some of these big time moves and determine whether or not they were buyers or sellers.


Cowboys.pngDallas Cowboys – The Cowboys have been hurting at receiver ever since Dez Bryant left. I remember watching a game with Matthew and he said something along the lines of “man, Dak just isn’t the same anymore…maybe he’s a little overrated.” I simply said “c’mon man, he has no one to throw to. When Cole Beasley is your #1 option you have a problem.” On October 22nd, the Raiders shipped Amari Cooper to the Cowboys in exchange for a 1st Round Pick. Overall, good move for Dallas, however, not sure Amari Cooper is worth a 1st Round Pick.

Saints.pngNew Orleans Saints – the 6-1 Saints added a premier cornerback in Eli Apple from a struggling Giants team. The Saints are on the verge of being one of the, if not THE best teams in the NFC this year. They have a real shot at making a deep playoff run, potentially setting up for an NFC Championship game matchup against the undefeated Rams. The Saints are BUYING and looking to build their team for NOW and make a Super Bowl run.

Texans.pngHouston Texans – I watched the Thursday Night Game last week when Will Fuller went down on a non-contact injury and blew his knee out. I thought “oh no, Watson last year and now Fuller? Houston can’t catch a break!” After dropping their first 3 games of the season and with Deshaun Watson struggling, the Texans have won 5 straight games and Deshaun Watson looks to finally be back on track and picked up from where he left off last season. The loss of Will Fuller was a major blow, but the Texans made a move and added former Broncos vet Demaryius Thomas. Thomas isn’t what he used to be, but he will fill the void of losing Will Fuller for the remainder of the year. If Houston maintains and keeps playing this way, look for them to secure the AFC South title and secure a playoff berth.


Eagles.pngPhiladelphia Eagles – The Eagles have somewhat sputtered in games this year. They can’t seem to string together wins as they win one week and then lose the next as this has turned into a pattern. Week 1 win, week 2 loss, week 3 win, weeks 4 & 5 losses, week 6 win, week 7 loss, and a week 8 win. Super Bowl Hangover? The Eagles are sitting at 4-4 in a division where somehow the Redskins have managed to gain control. With the addition of Golden Tate yesterday, the Eagles look to make a run at dethroning the Redskins and push back to Super Bowl Contender status once again. Absolutely buyers at the deadline.

Rams.pngLos Angeles Rams – As weird as it sounds to call the UNDEFEATED Rams buyers as most people are like “what more do they need?”, they are buyers in my book. Rumor has it the former No. 3 overall pick Dante Fowler was becoming a bit of an issue in Jacksonville as he had become a backup under sprouting edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue. The Jags simply didn’t want to deal with him anymore as they already have issues to deal with. Including losing 4-straight games and the Blake Bortles soap opera resurfacing. Fowler will fit in great with Los Angeles but then again, who wouldn’t? Fowler joins the best defensive line and front seven in football. This move definitely won’t hurt the Rams.


Redskins.pngWashington Redskins – As I mentioned above, the Redskins have managed to gain control of the NFC East sitting at an impressive 5-2 this season. It is with great pleasure being a Bears fan to see the Packers ship off Pro Bowler and All-Pro safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to Washington. The Redskins looked to make a move to maintain control of this mess of a division and work their way towards a division title and a playoff spot. Big time buyers.


Giants.pngNew York Giants – What does being 1-7 make you?…Sellers, sellers, SELLERS! Trading former No. 10 overall pick Eli Apple for a 4th and 7th Round pick, Damon Harrison for a 5th Round Pick after they just signed the guy for $46 million over a five-year span in 2016. Giants fans calling for Eli Manning’s head, Odell is still trying to fight kicking nets and other sideline equipment…the Giants are in rough shape, and absolutely selling for the future.


Broncos.pngDenver Broncos – The Broncos are 3-5 and, in my eyes, definitely under achieving. They may have looked at their roster and this division with the 7-1 Chiefs and 5-2 Chargers and said “you know what, I don’t think this team has what it takes to truly make a playoff run.” They unloaded Demaryius Thomas for a 4th and 7th Round picks. Sold.

Raiders.pngOakland Raiders – The Raiders, or should I say, Jon Gruden is unloading all these players that don’t fit his style and what he wants to do. He’s traded off pieces of the Raiders’ puzzle that have been around for the last 5 years or so for future draft picks. He traded my man Khalil Mack for two 1st Round Picks, a 3rd Round Pick, and a 6th Round Pick. They also managed to snag a 1st Round Pick out of Jerry Jones for Amari Cooper. Oakland is sitting at 1-6 through 8 weeks in the 2018 season. Early on, people were bashing Jon Gruden. I might be in the minority here, or maybe just a Gruden fan, but I’m totally on board with what he’s been doing. IF this all pans out look for people to admit they were wrong about the moves Gruden has made. The Raiders are absolutely sellers and looking to build for the future under Chuckie.

Packers.pngGreen Bay Packers – I absolutely LOVE seeing the Packers selling players at the deadline. Shipping off Clinton-Dix made absolutely no sense to me. However, the Packers probably knew they couldn’t keep him at the end of this year in Free Agency because they don’t want to pay him. The Packers would easily be one of the worst teams in the NFL if it wasn’t for wonder boy Rodgers. Ty Montgomery looked to have made one of the biggest mistakes of the Packers’ season as he refused to listen to McCarthy and take a knee in the end zone during their game against the Rams which they may have won if he hadn’t fumbled and allowed Rodgers to get the ball back late in the fourth and let him work his magic. As long as they have that guy under center, they will always be in the conversation for the division and postseason. But they were definitely selling at the deadline.


The “On the Bubble” Teams

Lions.pngDetroit Lions – As much as the Lions were sellers at the deadline yesterday when the shipped off wide receiver Golden Tate for a 3rd Round Pick, they also made a deal six days earlier when they acquired big time defensive tackle Damon Harrison for a 5th Round Pick. Buyers or sellers? Both?

RavensBaltimore Ravens – The Ravens are 4-4 and kind of just “ehh” so far this year. They traded a 2020 7th Round Pick for Ty Montgomery. Not really sure if this makes them a buyer or seller as Montgomery doesn’t necessarily help them, but he doesn’t hurt them either.

Jaguars.pngJacksonville Jaguars – Where to start with the Jags. Coming off of a 2017 season where they made a run at the Patriots in the AFC title game and Blake Bortles finally started to live up to the hype, they seem to be right back to square one with Bortles struggling and sitting at 3-5. They traded away their former No. 3 overall pick Dante Fowler for a 3rd Round and 5th Round Pick. I still feel like the Jags can turn this thing around, but it’s not looking great. They’re borderline sellers, but I still have hope!


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