College Football News & Notes – College Football Playoff Rankings and Durkin is Back

D.J Durkin was reinstated as the football coach at Maryland this week. Jordan McNair was 19 when he died as a member of the football team at Maryland. My youngest son who just turned 18 just finished up the recruiting process by committing to Illinois State. Every school talked about their facilities, the fancy combinations of helmets and uniforms, the education you can get there, but at the end of the day it comes down to the head coach.

The head coach creates the climate, is responsible for team performance and the players they recruit and bring to the team. Position coaches and recruiting coordinators come and go frequently. Not that head coaches don’t move on or get fired, but when my son and I were deciding on a school, it ultimately came down to ‘do I trust my son in the care of the head coach?’ I don’t care what sort of incentives were involved, I would never send my son to play for a coach that had a student-athlete die while in his care. Durkin may have kept his job, but I can’t see how he has kept the respect of his players.


College Football Playoff Rankings

I thought the rankings would be pretty easy. You have four undefeated teams. You knew UCF would not be invited into the playoff picture. There is only one, one loss team whose only loss was to one of the undefeateds (Michigan). So, Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan. Right?

No, LSU, which lost to the committee’s number 11 team Florida, is number three. I am no fan of Notre Dame, do not like the fact that they don’t play in a conference, but Notre Dame beat their number five team, Michigan, LSU beat their number six Georgia. So of course, LSU with one loss and a weaker big win is number three. Notre Dame, number four. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think this will be the most controversial playoff selection yet.

Ian Book, Notre Dame Quarterback

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