My Life Savings – 11/4/18

This week my savings skyrocketed to $20.15. Not sure it’s enough to allow me to retire yet. I still have the ‘move to Wyoming and be a rodeo clown’ retirement plan ready just in case.



Here are some things I would bet my life savings on this week:

  • I bet Kellogg’s will reach out to Khalil Mack to sign him up to be the spokesman for Rice Crispy Treats after the TV caught him sneaking a snack on the sideline Sunday.
  • I bet that sadly, we are going to see a Clemson and Alabama national championship game and I will not watch.
  • I bet that on Tuesday, the U.S. will set an all time high for voter turnout for a midterm election.
  • I bet Jeff Brohm from Purdue will get some phone calls to take over a more “glamorous” job but he will remain at Purdue and continue to build the program into a regular competitor. (for now)
  • I bet I’m not the only one who hates when Daylight Savings time ends and its dark at 5:00pm.
  • I bet Will Grier will win the Heisman if West Virginia makes the college football playoffs. The two point conversion to beat Texas put him back into the national spotlight.
  • I bet ESPN analysts who loved the call yesterday would have all been super critical of Holgorsen had the two point conversion failed. I loved that call. It was the opposite of last year’s semifinal game when Oklahoma, who couldn’t stop Georgia at this point in the game and had the best offense in football, opted to kick a FG in the second overtime then lost. They should have known they needed TDs at that point.

Here is a look at my college football party crashers:

FBS : Kentucky lost and Iowa lost again – both of those teams eliminated. Welcome to the Outback Bowl.

Image result for kentucky vs georgia

FCS: Sam Houston State dropped to 5-3, ranked #22 and only 24 teams make the playoffs. They are probably in trouble because the Missouri Valley Conference is very tough and balanced and may send five teams to the playoffs.  Eastern Washington is rolling and now ranked #4

D2:  Kutztown at 7-1 is ranked sixth in their super region, so they are right on the line to make it right now. Duluth dropped to third in their super regional despite a another dominating win due to strength of schedule.

D3: Berry is ranked #9 and still unbeaten, Frostburg still #6, both seem like locks at this point.


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