AAF Player Profile: Max Mickey – San Antonio Commanders, RB

When Christian McCaffrey was an AP Player of the Year and a Consensus All-American at Stanford, he put up gaudy numbers. Nearly 7,000 yards of all-purpose yards, 33 total touchdowns including 13 of those being rushing touchdowns in 2016. Christian McCaffrey was the “Do It All” back at Division I Stanford.

Now imagine Christian McCaffrey 2.0…The Division II version. Some might claim there is no player in the country as versatile and comparable to Mr. McCaffrey. I beg to differ. One guy sticks out and sticks out in an OBVIOUS way. How about an EIGHT TIME ALL-AMERICAN? Yes, you read that correctly. Max Mickey was an 8-Time All-American during his tenure at ever so familiar Sioux Falls, who is a member of the NSIC which our UMD Bulldogs play in.

Max Mickey finished his career at Sioux Falls with 18, 100-yard rushing games, which was tied for third most in USF school history. He set school records in yards per carry, average yards per game and total yards in a season in 2016. He ranks fourth all-time at USF with 3,720 yards with 586 carries. Mickey piled up 44 total TDs (compared to McCaffrey’s 33) which ranked eighth all-time at USF. He was sixth all-time in NSIC rushing with 3,388 yards on 532 carries and 37 TDs in 40 league games. His 6.36 yards per carry is sixth all-time and his 84.7 yards per game ranks 14th in conference history. One of the most impressive stats? He had six carries of at least 70 yards, including career-best 76. He has recorded 4,096 all purpose yards, including 1,900 in 2016 and 935 yards in 2017. Mickey had 10 games of 150 rushing yards or more in his career including four in 2017.

I was able to get in touch with Max for a short interview for one of our AAF Player Profiles. Max got back to us with some great answers! Check out the interview below!

BOP: How did you find out about the AAF?

MAX: I first found out about it through my agent who suggested it as a good alternative if the NFL didn’t pan out this year. Got some more details on it and I’m very excited to get another chance to keep playing.

BOP: What’s your favorite home cooked meal? Who cooks it?

MAX: Favorite home cooked meal is a seafood pasta made by my mom. It’s got scallops, shrimp, and real crab. It’s really unbelievable, you gotta try it. If there’s ever leftovers I’ll see what I can do.

BOP: You were an Eight-Time All-American at Sioux Falls. How does that work?

MAX: So, it says 8-time because I was named to 8 different teams. Kinda confusing I know, I thought the same thing when I first saw it. The school started advertising it that way.

BOP: What did you like most about Sioux Falls?

MAX: For a place where there’s not exactly a lot to do, there’s some really amazing people that I met. Some of my best friends I’ll ever have I was lucky to meet up there. Best group of teammates I could’ve asked as well

BOP: Who was the best player you played with or against?

MAX: The best player I ever played with was probably Dennis Gardeck he was a linebacker with us for one year and now he’s on the Arizona Cardinals. Great guy who’s a freak athlete as well. Played against I’d have to go with Josh Gordon who played DE for MSU Mankato. I just remember how fast he was off the ball was so hard to block for a guy who would be considered “undersized”

BOP: Favorite Beverage in college?

MAX: Now, I’m not sure if you mean adult or not so I’m just gonna include both. There was a really good smoothie place called juice stop which was a go-to for a decent price. But I really enjoyed a good whiskey coke. Usually with Knob Creek although usually have to go with the well whiskey if I was at the bar.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.13.52 AM.png

BOP: Have you met any of your new teammates?

MAX: Haven’t yet had a chance to meet any teammates but I’m really looking forward to it in the future. I’ve talked to some guys on other teams that I knew prior though.

BOP: Worst snowstorm you had to deal with in Sioux Falls.

MAX: Honestly, all the snow storms start to run together since there’s so many of them it’s kinda crazy. You can usually bet on there being one that keeps you stuck at the house and literally can’t go anywhere. Not even to practice or class. Definitely a couple times where it’s snowed 12+ inches and that’s just not fun for anyone

BOP: Advice you would give to anyone trying to keep playing football beyond college?

MAX: If you ever get an opportunity to continue playing you might as well take it while you’re still young enough to play. You never know what can come out of it.

These player profiles have turned into a lot of fun for Big Rod, Bear, and The Basement Boys and this one was particularly special. Having connections to the NSIC where current Basement Boy and UMD Linebacker Gus plays along with some of our Bulldogs who have joined us for phone interviews, to actually watching Max play last season when Sioux Falls knocked off our Bulldogs 26-7 where Max had 126 yards on 37 carries and a touchdown, to Max playing in Sioux Falls, SD where a legend was born (me). It turned out to be a great interview and we look forward to seeing what Max can do in the AAF. I can promise you he will be the Christian McCaffrey of the AAF and a fan favorite down here in The Man Cave!

Check Out Max’s Highlights Below!

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