My Life Savings – The “Over/Under” Edition


Still climbing. Might have to tap into it soon though, having some problems with my truck starting. This week’s edition goes over/under on the betting. Again, these are for entertainment purposes only. Wait, we can actually bet on sports legally now??

Over/Under 55 — Number of wins the 76ers will have now that Jimmy Butler has been traded to them. I will take the over, but I don’t think this trade has made some dramatic shift in the Eastern Conference like a lot of people.

Image result for 76ers jimmy butler

Over/Under 4.5 — The number of NFL coaches that will leave or get fired this season. Hue Jackson is gone already, so that’s one. Other candidates: Bowles, Koetter for sure. The following coaches; McCarthy, Harbaugh, Garrett, Lewis, Marrone and Jon Gruden all have a little heat in the seat, but probably only one or at most two of these guys. Gruden is in year one. Garrett, Harbaugh and McCarthy got things going right this week and are seasoned vets. Lewis always has a little heat but seems to survive. Marrone had a great year last year but is underachieving. He should survive. So this is close, but I will go over because someone always unexpectedly steps down.

Over/Under 36 — Average point differential of the D3 Number one seed first round games. They are Whitewater, Mary Hardin-Baylor, Mount Union and Brockport. I’m going with the over.

Image result for uww whitewater football

Over/Under 5 — The number of heterosexual males in a crowd of 300 at the Ellen Degeneres Show.  I will take the under.

Over/Under 4 — Number of my party crashers that will survive the first round of the playoffs. I will go over. It’s playoff time for college football. (except the teams most of you watch)

Here is a look at my college football Party Crashers:

FCS: Sam Houston State and Eastern Washington won, their playoff brackets are announced November 18.

Image result for sam houston state football

D2: Kutztown is the #4 seed and will be hosting HIllsdale. If they win they go to Notre Dame of Ohio, probably the weakest #1 seed. Duluth is ranked three and hosts number six Texas A&M Commerce. If they win they would probably travel to Tarleton State. Tarleton would host, they are a college located just south of Fort Worth, TX.


D3: Berry made the playoffs and plays Maryville (TN). The tough part of the draw is if they win, they would almost certainly play Mary Hardin-Baylor in round two, a perennial powerhouse.  Frostburg State has the three seed and I think a pretty favorable bracket.

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