Big Rod’s “No BS in the FBS” Bracket – 11/14/18

After looking at all the scenarios, if there are no upsets, there will not be a team that is not a conference champion with less than two losses for the last at large spot. So I had to take that into consideration with the seeding and take a look at Army, who is currently 8-2. If Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC Championship game, they might both be in the top four. But, if Alabama wins, Georgia has two losses so I had to drop them as far as seeding because they would be the only two loss team in the entire playoff system.

Again though, with upsets, that could change. If Ohio State beats Michigan and wins the Big 10 title game, Michigan has two losses, Ohio State is in automatically, so now is it Michigan or Georgia.

Then you have Clemson in an upset scenario. This seems the most unlikely, but they would only have one loss and would definitely get in over any two loss non-champion. But, for fun, let’s say Clemson and Alabama both lose in their conference championship games. Now you have Notre Dame, Clemson and Alabama for two at large spots. That is a great debate there. I would take one loss Clemson and Alabama over independent Notre Dame because both losses came in a conference championship game at a neutral site.

So here is the updated  “No BS in the FBS” bracket:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.57.37 AM.png

So now #7 Washington State and #10 Buffalo move to the San Diego Credit Union Bowl.

#8 Georgia and #9 Utah State move to the Liberty Bowl

#5 Oklahoma and #12 UAB move to the Gator Bowl

#6 UCF and #11 Troy move to the Outback Bowl

Flipped because of #fans=money rule*(see below)

Second round bowls would remain the same.

The #fans=money rule*

*So I looked at the above seedings and games, and I invoked a new rule. I call it the “#fans=money” rule. Geography could overrule a seeding if it was of only one differential. This could not be invoked in the top four seeds. So after the original seedings, it would be determined that Buffalo should not be sent to the west coast and Utah State should not be sent to Birmingham, AL. So we flip Buffalo to the #9 seed to play Georgia in the Liberty Bowl and flip Utah State to the #10 seed to play Washington State in the San Diego Credit Union Bowl.


Note: Buffalo to San Diego is a 38 hour drive if you want to go.

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