My Life Savings – 11/18/18


Last week I bet the over on the average margin of victory being 36 for the #1 seeded teams in the first round of the D3 playoffs. It was 36.75. Big win for me. Life savings also made the over of 36, it is up to $36.34.

Earlier I wrote about Neal Brown, the head coach at Troy, probably being on the move. I will bet my life savings he ends up at a Power 5 school.

I am re-upping my bet that the Big 10 will be shut out of the playoffs this year. While Ohio State might sneak in, they don’t deserve to be there over Central Florida or possibly a two loss Georgia team.. Please NCAA officials, take a look at my brackets, they make sense.

I bet Les Miles at Kansas will be as much fun as Mike Leach at Washington State. By the way, you have to read the story of Mike Leach and the painting he put in his office that was a replica of the George Costanza painting on Seinfeld.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.12.25 AM

I bet my life savings that most people over 40 prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas. Thanksgiving = Food, family, football and fermented beverages. And, no need to find presents for people that for the most part just buy anything they need when they need it. I had a great week enjoying all the kids being around and taking a few days off.

My party crashers are all out except Eastern Washington. They had a first round bye so they are in. Fort Hays did not make the playoffs. D2 teams Duluth and Kutztown both lost in round 1. D3 Berry and Frostburg State lost in the second round. Berry won their first round game 31-0 and then lost to Mary Hardin-Berry 75-9 in round two. That is how big of a gap there is between the haves and have nots in D3 college football. Small private schools with enrollments around 1000 students playing large public universities with enrollments as large as 10,000.

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