Big Rod’s Final “No BS in the FBS” Bracket

The final four for the NCAA playoffs is set. Hopefully for the final time. If they had put Georgia in the playoffs, I would have sworn off the playoffs entirely. I know the SEC is good, I get it, but can we please let the debate be settled on the field. Give Georgia a chance to beat Alabama but do it in a way that Oklahoma, UCF and others (yes I mean you Ohio State) still have a shot to win a title. Think about NIU. A big win in the MAC Championship game over Buffalo probably lands them in the Dollar General Bowl against Troy. Wow, I know you are all setting aside any plans to watch that. You don’t think it would be more rewarding and exciting for them to get a shot at undefeated UCF? Make this happen.

So here they are, after the regular season and conference championships, here is my “No BS in FBS” Bracket and seeding.

#1 – Alabama (13-0) – SEC Champ

#2 – Clemson (13-0) – ACC Champ

I think those two are pretty clear and easy.

#3 Oklahoma (12-1) – I take them over Notre Dame because they won a conference championship and avenged their only loss of the season.

#4 Notre Dame (12-0) – 1st at large selection

#5 UCF (12-0) – Conference champ and undefeated, not a power 5 but they didn’t give up 51 points to Maryland.

#6 Ohio State (12-1) – Big 10 Champ but a bad loss to Purdue and have looked far from dominant.

#7 Georgia (11-2) – 2nd at large. Takes this spot over other two loss teams, Michigan, Army, Cincinnati, Washington State and Utah State. There were no one loss teams that were not conference champs.

#8 Fresno State (11-2) – Mountain West Champs, upset Boise State in the MWC Championship game.

#9 Washington (10-3) – PAC 12 Champs, yes I have more respect for the Mountain West than the Pac 12.

#10 Appalachian State (10-2) – Sun Belt Champs. This is a sneaky good team in a conference that is pretty good at the top.

#11 UAB (10-3) – Conference USA Champs. If they actually got a shot at Ohio State, I would cancel any plans I had to make sure I watched this game.

#12 NIU (8-5) – Great comeback win over Buffalo in the MAC title game, but the five losses puts them at the 12 seed.

So the bracket would look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 8.44.19 AM.png

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