My Life Savings | 12/2/2018


Let celebrate some of the things I’ve gotten right. Things I should have bet on so my life saving would have tripled, it would be at $80.79 instead of the $26.93 it is now after taking a little bit of a hit this week. So here are a few of my winning bets from previous posts.

  • (From 11/4) I bet that on Tuesday, the U.S. will set an all time high for voter turnout for a midterm election. – This happened. “Voter turnout for the 2018 midterm elections reached new highs: in all, an estimated 113 million voters cast their ballots, making this year the first midterm to exceed 100 million votes” CBS News reports.
  • I bet Jeff Brohm from Purdue will get some phone calls to take over a more “glamorous” jobs but he will remain at Purdue and continue to build the program into a regular competitor. (for now) This happened and Jeff Brohm’s high school was closed the day after Louisville offered him the job due to a threat.
  • I bet the Big 10 would be shut out of the playoffs. It happened.
  • My conference championship preview story I nailed every game but two.

I picked Boise State and they lost to Fresno State in overtime. And I picked Northwestern over Ohio State because I cannot find a way to pick Ohio State to win. This is why I suck during March Madness. I cannot pick Duke, Kansas, North Carolina or Kentucky to win a game. I just can’t do it.

Image result for ohio state northwestern

But the craziest part of my conference preview story was this quote,MY PICK: UCF wins big but the tornado does not destroy the NCAA headquarters because it is December and it is not tornado season. UCF finishes fifth in the playoff committee’s ranking just to piss everyone off.”

So I am sitting in a hotel room in Normal, IL trying to watch the UCF game as my son was on his official visit at Illinois State when the game was interrupted by a tornado watch. Next think I know they break from the game and start talking about tornados being on the ground about 50 miles away. They covered this for about 45 minutes, no game. It’s December. What the hell is going on here?  

So here are a few more bets.

  • I will double down on the Clemson vs. Alabama championship game. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, but we can’t avoid it. Unless UCF upsets Clemson. Oh, that’s right. The team with the longest winning streak in the FBS does not have a chance to win the National Title. Why does this make sense to people? Spread the word on the “No BS in the FBS” brackets.
  • I bet Kareem Hunt will play in the NFL again unlike Ray Rice and I hope he gets a chance. I think Rice deserved another chance too, but Rice  may have been made an example of by the NFL teams but he was also a “seasoned veteran”. Which in NFL running back terms means over the hill. Hunt is young, he is 23 years old. He made a mistake. Mistakes not unlike people who become Supreme Court Justices. I was saddened by the news of Hunt because we were hanging out at the Pro Bowl next to his family and friends at the Pro Bowl last year in Orlando. You could tell this young man had a lot of people basking in his money and fame and in the back of my mind I was thinking about how hard it must be for a kid to go from having nothing to having anything you want. The pressure to give money to friends and family, the money to party whenever and wherever you want, and the desire of a lot of people to get a piece of you. I know the NFL has things in place to try to prepare these young men, and I’m not making any excuses for what he did, but I feel like sometimes these young men are just not prepared for success because many have never seen it around them before.Image result for kareem hunt


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