Big Rod’s Countdown to AAF Kick Off | 16 Days


The number of helmets Memphis Express head coach Mike Singletary broke at the University of Baylor in practices. The managers would keep three or four extra helmets on hand during practice. Baylor was the only college to offer Singletary a scholarship.

Image result for mike singletary baylor

Singletary quote: “The first time my helmet broke was when I hit (running back) Dennis Gentry in practice,” Singletary said. “He came up the middle, and I tried to rock him. When my helmet broke, people began yelling, `Your helmet’s cracked!’ I was just glad it wasn’t my head. And then on the next play, I I hit Gentry again and my helmet split again.”


Receptions by Express fullback Anthony Manzo-Lewis for the Albany Great Danes last season. Manzo-Lewis is a 6’0” 269 pound fullback trying to make his mark with the Express.

Image result for Anthony Manzo-Lewis Albany Great Danes

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