Bop’s NBA Top-10 Power Rankings | 1/25/19

Pretty good week of NBA basketball! Solid headlines and Harden is still rollin’! The Warriors take over the top spot, the Thunder are back in, and the Pacers are in trouble. Let me tell you why.


1. warriorsGolden State Warriors (34-14) ⬆️1️⃣

The Warriors are the best team in the league right now. DeMarcus Cousins is back and the Warriors are poised to make a nice run here before the All-Star break which could distance them from the rest of the West for the second half of the season. They’ve won 9 in a row and have only lost 1 of their last 10.

Image result for steph curry wizards

2.bucksMilwaukee Bucks (35-12) ⬇️1️⃣

Our Milwaukee Bucks are on an absolute ROLL! Bear dislikes every team I like, especially the Bucks because he’s a Bulls fan, but no one can deny that the Bucks are one of the hottest team in basketball right now. They’ve won 6 in a row and 8 out of 10. They will be the Eastern Conference Champions.

3.76ersPhiladelphia 76ers (32-17) ⬆️4️⃣

The ‘Sixers THROTTLED the Rockets earlier this week which is why their the one team making the biggest jump in my rankings. I’m not a huge fan of Philly, but they’ve seemed to have figured it out. They’ve won 7 of 10 and two in a row.

4. raptorsToronto Raptors (36-16) ⬇️1️⃣

The Raptors are still the second best team in the East, but they’ve lost two in a row this week. One of those games being to the Rockets and the Pacers. I look for the to rebound this coming week.

5.celticsBoston Celtics (30-18) ⬆️4️⃣

Since Kyrie apologized to LeBron, the C’s have won 5 in a row.

6.nuggetsDenver Nuggets (32-15) ⬇️2️⃣

The Nuggets are slumping a bit, but I’m not counting them out just yet. While they’ve only won 6 of 10, they’re still playing well and some of those losses have come to the likes of teams such as the Jazz, Warriors, and Rockets. They’ll be fine.

7. thunderOklahoma City Thunder (30-18) NR

The Thunder seem to be back to normal which is why they’re back in my top-10. They’ve won 4 in a row, two of those wins being against two teams in my rankings, the Trail Blazers and 76ers, however, I need consistency from them before I put them back in my top-5.

8.pacersIndiana Pacers (32-15) ⬇️3️⃣

Guys…..the Pacers are in trouble. Goose’s boy Victor is out for the year, and watching his reaction to that injury was absolutely gut wrenching. While the Pacers have won 7 of 10, the outlook for the remainder of the season doesn’t look great.

9.spursSan Antonio Spurs (28-22) ⬇️3️⃣

The Spurs are .500 over their last 10, but they’ve still got the best coach in basketball. I have faith in them.

 10. netsBrooklyn Nets (27-23) NR

The Nets beat the Rockets last Wednesday and Harden had 61. Enter the Nets into Bop’s top-10.


jazzUtah Jazz (28-22) 1️⃣0️⃣


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