Goose’s Breakfast Club

Have you ever had soggy hash browns with no crunch? How about a mug of coffee that tastes like bitter water? Lastly, what about a a hotels continental breakfast that has warm food, good coffee, and might contend with your favorite Ma & Pa restaurant? Than take a look at Goose’s Breakfast Club!

I will grade the coffee. Is it bitter? Is it too watered down? I will be sure to let you know that the coffee is smooth and will give you the perfect morning kick!

Grading the eggs we need to know whether or not these eggs will provide a good taste and consistency. Along with that after eating the egg does it provide the protein needed to fuel you for your hectic day at work?

Like I mentioned earlier, who want soggy breakfast potatoes? Whether it be hash browns, American Fries, or potato pancakes. Nothing adds to a breakfast meal that perfectly salted and crispy breakfast potatoes.

Lastly, the palate cleanser also the ‘Plate Plow. Otherwise known as the toast. The amount of butter on the toast and the crispness. Too crisp could mean it cannot support itself as the ‘Plate Plow’. But if crisp and well buttered, how is it with jelly or jam?

All of the subject of breakfast will be graded on a 1-5 scale along with a video of Goose breaking down each topic of the breakfast. If you want a solid breakfast then take a look at Goose’s Breakfast Club!



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