My Life Savings | 1/26/19


You ever have one of those days? You know those days! My wife texts me and says her car heater is not working, the oven won’t work, the garage door won’t close due to some sort of sensor problem, my car is parked outside and I have to scrape the INSIDE of the windows. I go to the gas station for gas and my card is not authorized! This was 20 minutes of my Wednesday. But, I used the other card, drained my savings to $2.47, bought some coffee and went to work.

Here is what I will bet the $2.47 on:

  • In 2001 the Rams vs. Patriots Super Bowl was seen as one of the best ever. The Patriots were 14 point underdogs and won. This was young Brady and before we knew Belichick could probably beat Alabama if he were coaching Vanderbilt. You also have to remember all of the Super Bowls in the ‘80s were blowouts. I will bet on the Patriots again. The Rams will be up by as many as 14 but lose this game.
  • I will bet that Zion Williamson will win the college basketball player of the year, be the number one draft pick in the 2019 NBA draft, but Duke will not win the national championship.
  • I will bet that Antonio Brown is not playing another game for the Steelers.
  • I will bet then Giannis wins the MVP over Harden, James and others that maybe should win it. He is the media darling this year because they have learned to pronounce his name but the Bucks will not win the NBA title.


  • I will bet my life savings that Serena WIlliams will go down as the greatest athlete of my time. What she has done is amazing. She is more impressive than LeBron, Tom Brady, and pick some baseball player that you think is great.

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