First Week AAF News & Notes | Hotshot/Stallions Breakdown

To begin with, I am super excited for this league. I love watching football during the weekend in February. Will I watch these games over March madness? I might. I loved this stuff. Will I watch these games over a Duke vs. Virginia regular season college basketball game? Yes. Will I watch it over any NBA game? Yes. Bring it on!

Quick thoughts through 3 of 4 games:

  • Love the no kickoff rule and the speed of the game.
  • I also like that they go for two. Maybe they could eliminate FGs as well?
  • The Birmingham Iron would not be the worst team in the NFL and Coach Tim Lewis is fun to watch on the sidelines and I was so happy to see his enthusiasm after his first head coaching win. I also liked the fact he didn’t wear hair gel.
  • The Orlando Apollos will be must watch TV every weekend.
  • They can only rush five, I understand that. But are QBs then fair game? Looked like it.
  • The defense is definitely ahead of the offense at this point in the season.
  • When Christian Hackenberg of the Memphis Express dropped back to pass, you could go out to the kitchen, make a sandwich and still come back to see him sacked. He held the ball that long on every play! He had 77 passing yards. Go Luis Perez!
  • Attendance has been solid. I’m not sure what the expectations were for the AAF, but I know at the Commanders game the noise when the Fleet were on offense was a little disruptive, and Birmingham’s stadium was over half full, but nothing that was like “Wow, this is going to be big in this city!”


Game four is starting, here we go. Let’s go Stallions.

  • Defenses dominating early. Neither QB looks comfortable right now.
  • Actually like the dark green and yellow look of the Hotshots. Love the logo as well with the numbers on one side. On the podcast I picked the Express as best uniforms, but the Hotshots look good.
  • Stallions QB Josh Woodrum just bounced a pass off Anthony Denhams facemask.
  • The AAF employs trainers that cover for both teams at games. This saves costs for the each team because they don’t need to have an entire training staff on the sideline of games. I think this is brilliant.
  • Hotshots score the first TD of the game. Two point conversion successful 8-0 Hotshots. Nice drive by Arizona. 32 minutes after the first snap and the first quarter is over.
  • Joel Bouagnon out of Northern Illinois is running hard for the Stallions as they drive down the field, but Matt Asiata gets the carry for the TD. Woodrum keeps on a zone read for the two point conversion. 8-8
  • John Wolford of the Hotshots puts it on the money to Rashawn Ross for a TD. Jhurell Pressley’s run makes it 16-8.  Touchdown was the first play after the recovery of a muffed punt by the Stallions.
  • Robert Nelson from the Hotshots has a great interception. He played in 20 NFL games in his career before landing with the Hotshots.
  • I’m not sure what Rick Neuheisel eats, who his personal trainer is, but holy shit that guy has not aged. Denny’s probably cards him for the AARP special.
  • The announcer just takes a shot at NFL kickers stating that there has only been one missed FG this weekend in the AAF and no “double doinkers”. That’s a shot at you Bears fans.
  • Jordan Leslie with a great catch on the back shoulder fade. Was he trying to do some sort of nap celebration that the offensive linemen misread? These teams are 4 for 4 on two point conversions. Running basic running plays to go for two instead of some elaborate, play action, roll out pick play, TE drag find the guy in the corner route. NFL are you watching?
  • Tam is mad that she can’t flip back to the Grammy’s and watch a full song because the AAF games move so quickly.
  • No appearance by Trevor Knight yet for the Hotshots. The Stallions have turned to Matt Linehan, QB from Idaho.
  • The announcer jinx just worked as Hotshots kicker Nick Folk missed a field goal after the announcer was talking after his last field goal about how successful the AAF kickers have been.
  • Teams are now 5 for 5 on two point conversions. Just a little play action TE drag. Easy, like clubbing baby seals.
  • Linehan throws a pick on a tipped ball. Trouble for my Stallions.
  • Hotshots look very good and Trevor Knight is taking notes on the sideline.
  • The teams are now 6 for 6 on two point conversions. As a coach, I may never kick another PAT. I also like the fact that 30 seconds after the two point conversion, the Stallions had already run a play.
  • Illegal formation against the defense is okay with me, I like the restrictions of the blitzing, but can you make it only five yards?
  • This game started out as a ‘wow these teams are not real good on offense’, and had morphed into ‘this game is pretty frickin good”.
  • Linehan to Truesdell, great throw and catch. First two point conversion failure. Hotshots still lead 35-22.
  • Wolford of the Hotshots looks like he has no intention of turning the starting job over to Trevor Knight. I was jumping on the Knight bandwagon, but Wolford has played very well tonight.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew is a good announcer, but does he have to special order a headset. His headset looks like it is stretched like yoga pants on that 260 pound 30 something Wisconsin woman that loves hunting, Miller Lite and cheese. He has a large head and that is coming from a guy that has a hard time finding a pre-fitted hat that can fit me.
  • With six minutes left the Hotshots run a safe play to kick a field goal and make it a 16 point game. Two possessions just to tie.
  • Linehan escapes a sack and completes an impressive pass for the first down, then gets crushed on the next down by Will Sutton III.
  • 3:35 left in the game, down 16, and the Stallions just punted. Stallions, you are no longer my team. Just give them the ball and go to the locker room. I had to go on Amazon and cancel my Stallions t-shirt.
  • Now you are calling timeouts? If you get the ball back with 2:00 left, you need to drive over 70 yards, get a touchdown, get a two point conversion, go back to your 28 yard line and attempt a 4th and 12. Convert the 4th and 12, then throw a hail mary, score, and convert another two point conversion just to go to overtime. At 3:35, when the Stallions punted, they were less than 4th and 12. The AAF coaches need an analytic guy.
  • Game is over. Great weekend. I love watching football on the weekends at this time of the year. Go AAF!!!  



Week 2 the AAF will feature conference crossover games. The can’t miss game is Orlando at San Antonio, Sunday, February 17 at 3:00. The Commanders tough defense will face the offensive creativity of the Old Ball Coach.


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