AAF Midseason Report

The Orlando Apollos are still a perfect 5-0. The league is pretty balanced and most games have been competitive and entertaining. Some of the things I like and don’t like at the regular season mid-way point.

Image result for orlando apollos

Like the no kick-off and no PAT. The first week was a great display of two point plays. Lately they need to be more creative.

Don’t like 11 or 15 as a football score. We want 3, 7, 10, 14, 20, 21, 24 thats it. 13 maybe. 9 in a defensive struggle, but never 11.

Like the faster paced game. These games are done almost two and a half hours or less.

Don’t like the fact that you have no flip back channel because of the faster pace. I was trying to watch Major League so my sons could appreciate it. No time. “We have uniforms and everything”.  “F*** You Joe Boo”. Just can’t do it.

Like the defensive rules and intensity

Don’t like – the QB Play. I can see why Kyler Murray is going to be a big draft pick. He will be a great backup for the San Antonio Commanders in three years.

Like – Small town and small college players getting a chance

Don’t like – Big time busts are still big time busts – Richardson and Hackenberg. I know Richardson is one of the leading scorers in the league, but he is still averaging about 3 yards per carry.

Like – Eye in the sky ref

Don’t like – The AAF Pre game, but it’s better than the NFL’s three hours of strange talking heads and fake laughs.

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