Bearded Glory off to a fast 2-0 start, while the Milker Boys and Go Blue Irish search for answers at their injured starting QB position

Bearded Glory is off to an absolute sprint to start the season. They have scored a combined total 221.1 points in just two games, and Bearded Glory comes out of week 2 unbeaten with a win over Milwaukee Beasts 115.7-77.9. Bearded Glory is set to face the 1-1 Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood in Week 3.

On the flip side, two teams are off to less than impressive starts and after Week 2, it’s not looking much better for future weeks to come. Go Blue Irish is winless after the first two weeks and to throw salt in the wound, they’ve lost their starting quarterback, Drew Brees, to a broken thumb who is likely out for 6 weeks. The Orfordville Milker Boys are in the same boat with losing their starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, for the year to an injured elbow. However, at least the Milker Boys are in the win column once.

In other notes, Beloit Beardown, Silent But Deadly, and Gados Gods are still unbeaten while Team Keanthony, The Basement Bear, and Independent Go Irish are all still searching for that first win.

We are on to Week 3.

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