Coronavirus and the NCAA

If you’re like me you would agree that Saturdays in the fall just hit you in a different kind of way. Waking up at 8 A.M and turning on ESPN cracking a cold Busch Latte (yes at 8 A.M) and watching Kirk Herbstreit acting like a clown, not a bad way to start your Fall Saturday, is it?

Those Saturdays we look forward to so much probably will not happen this year. The Mid-American Conference has already canceled all fall sports due to the safety concerns of corona-virus. In my opinion, it’s a little pre-mature since all pro sports are making a comeback. I understand college athletes are not professionals and are not being paid. I don’t think it’s the college athletes that don’t want to play. It’s the universities scared of lawsuits due to positive tests but that’s a simple fix have the athletes sign a waiver. That’s why I think there is more to these cancellations: politically driven perhaps? I think so.

Now to dive more into the coronavirus, this may be a little insensitive to some but I don’t care, is it really that bad? Most of you will not know this but I have tested positive for corona-virus with no symptoms. I had to take a test for work to travel to Louisiana if it had not been for work I probably would have never been tested. So that brings me to another point, as of today we have just over 5 million positive tests with just over 160 thousand deaths in the United States. That positive test number of 5 million I think is actually way higher. How many people with no symptoms have corona-virus but haven’t been tested? That is why I believe the number could be as high as 50 million positive cases, we just don’t know. So if that were the case wouldn’t that make the virus a less of a concern, I believe so, the fatality rate would even be lower. A fatality rate that low should not cancel school let alone lock down the country.

I hear a lot of people saying their concern is not getting the virus or their kid getting the virus but passing it off to their grandparents or someone vulnerable that is why they want to cancel schools and sports. Would you go visit grandma if you had the flu, cold or you just weren’t feeling well? Absolutely not. So here’s an idea lets keep the ones that are vulnerable in quarantine or lockdown and let the rest of us who are healthy enjoy our fall Saturdays because chances are you already had COVID-19: wasn’t so bad was it?

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