How Big Rod, Bear, and The Basement Boys Started…

December 31st, 2016 –

Big Rod, Bear, and Bop are sitting in the living room watching the 3rd ever College Football Playoffs. The first game of the day was #1 Alabama vs. #4 Washington. After a solid 1st quarter with the score being tied 7-7, Alabama stopped playing games and scored 17 unanswered points and rolling past Washington 24-7 and onto the National Championship Game.

Shortly after watching the Crimson Tide game, they turned on the second game of the two semi-final games. #2 Clemson vs. #3 Ohio State where Clemson DRILLED Ohio State 31-1. That’s when it all started…

Bop and Bear start talking about Nick Saban, stating that “he can win anywhere.” Big Rod COMPLETELY disagreed which led to a week long argument between the three. After 5 days of endless bantering and arguing and about 4 cases of Busch Light later, Bop had heard enough. He stated “we need to podcast about this…”

January 7th, 2017 –

The day of the first podcast. The Boys finally stopped arguing and put their arugments and thoughts to the test. Big Rod, Bear, and The Basement Boys were established. The Boys dropped their first ever podcast – Epidsode 1: Can Nick Saban Win Anywhere?

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The Man Cave

The Man Cave came about purely due to boredom and The Boys stumbling upon a storage room under a section of Big Rod’s house during Thanksgiving break of 2016. Goose decided “let’s turn this into a man cave.” Lone behold, a few hours and 3 cases of Busch Light later, the Man Cave was born.

The Boys discovered boxes of unused tile, an old couch, a table and chairs, and old sports memorabilia and turned the Man Cave into a thing of beauty. This became the home of recording podcasts.


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